James Jarvis @ Chapel of Dawn

James Jarvis created the Wrestling Elves as a depiction of the struggle between good and bad. These characters were designed for the special CD box set packaging of Hong Kong artist Juno’s fifth LP, 'Chapel of Dawn'. The Wrestling Elves appeared throughout the CD box, the enclosed booklet and the accompanying marketing campaign. Amos were... Continue Reading →

Chapel of Dawn, Chapter One – Song & Album Review

Last updated on 6 July 2017 麥浚龍揹着包袱踩鋼綫 Date: 5 May 2007 Link M2007-05-05 當下音樂 - 麥浚龍《Chapel of Dawn》:水能載舟 Date: 14 May 2007 Link M2007-01 3C Music - 有錢真好,麥浚龍【Chapel Of Dawn】 Date: 1 May 2007 Link M2007-02 蘋果日報 - 有碟話碟 麥浚龍《 Chapel Of Dawn》正邪交鋒 Date: 29 April 2007 Link M2007-03 PC Home Date: 7 September 2007... Continue Reading →

Chapel of Dawn, Chapter One

Release Date: 20 April 2007 Record Label: Silly Thing Director: TK Executive Producer: TK & Juno Mak A & R: TK & Raymond Chan Original Story: Juno Mak 作詞 作曲 編曲 監製 亥時出世 (麥浚龍/草蜢) 黃偉文 王雙駿 王雙駿 王雙駿 成魔之路 黃偉文 王雙駿 王雙駿 王雙駿 惡搞之物 黃偉文 何山 何山 王雙駿 skit #1 市民之光 (麥浚龍/Takagi Kan) 黃偉文 Rap:Kan... Continue Reading →

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