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– sixth member of the #artforartssake / Hong Kong musician & director Juno Mak / 🚨DEAD LINE 15 of March 🚨 SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK on / take the chance to be part of unique artevent in Berlin during #galleryweekendberlin2017 hosted by #guidi JUNO MAK Hong Kong in 1984. He signed a recording contract with Universal Music in 2002 and began his career as a singer. In 2004, he switched to independent label Silly Thing, and focused on creating alternative pop music and producing his own music videos. Mak made his directorial debut with Rigor Mortis in 2013, which he produced jointly with Japanese horror film master Shimizu Takashi. The film won the FIPRESCI Award at the 50th Golden Horse Awards in 2013 , and the Jury Award at the 21st Gerardmer Film Festival in France in 2014, and was one of the recommended films at the 20th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards. In addi- tion, Rigor Mortis snagged nine nominations at the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards, including Best New Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress. The best director at the YAHOO! Buzz Awards in 2013. Juno said, “It has been more than ten years for me to be a creative singer since 2002. It is un- expected that I would direct a film Rigor Mortis in 2012. To me, as a singer, actor, screenplay, director or produce, the originality of all is “creation”. I love creation. It is always contradic- tory in making films. It emphasizes teamwork whereas it is also based on the personal idea of the director. It is always a new world for the audience to release their emotions in the dark cin- ema. We would be laughing, weeping, feeling grief, fear, angry, touched and released together with the story and characters. Films are the reflection of humanity and sentiments. And this is the eternal beauty of creation.”

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